History of TSAP

This a page of documents and references that tell the story of Texas Association of State Parliamentarians from his humble beginnings in March 1955 when a group of women in Houston began forming the TSAP. Read about the story here. Then explore the Past Presidents and Parliamentarians of the Year below. And look for additional stories about how the organization grew from those early days with just a few members to over 600 members today. Along the way, changes in the organization made it a working platform for parliamentarians, both professional (PRP), beginning (RP), and the average TSAP member who is interested in the study and practice of parliamentary law in many outside organizations, others who love to teach and promote it to the public, and members who just want to make their organizational lives easier through the power of RONR.

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Read that story, by Kirk Overbey PRP, of those humble beginnings in March 1955 when a group of women in Houston began forming the TSAP, the beginnings of the largest and fastest-growing State Association in the National Association of Parliamentarians. See the leaders of TSAP who went on to occupy high leadership positions, including NAP President.

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The list of Past Presidents of TSAP is long and illustrative of the strive to excellence from the earliest days. TSAP elects a new President each April at the Annual Convention. The President of TSAP leads a Board of Directors which manages the business of TSAP throughout the year.

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The Parliamentarian of the Year at TSAP is an honor bestowed on the TSAP member who embodies the mission, goals and practices of TSAP and National Association of Parliamentarians (NAP) and shows outstanding leadership, teaching, mentoring and advocacy about parliamentary law to the citizens of Texas.