Elected Officers

TSAP has six elected officers that provide leadership and vision for the entire association.

Donna Mitchell, PRP


Fashika Willis McClelland, PRP

First Vice-President
Extension Committee Chairman

Constance Barron-Wilson, PRP

Second Vice-President
Education Committee Chairman

Cherise Story, RP

Third Vice-President
Membership Committee Chairman

Bennyfer Bridgewater, PRP

Recording Secretary

Heather C. Diehl, RP

Finance Committee Chairman

Appointed Officers

TSAP has three appointed officers that assist the elected officers and the association.

Diana Alcocer


Pamela Harmon, PRP

Editor, Texas Parliamentarian

Kirk Overbey, PRP


Standing Committees

TSAP has nine standing committees that assist with the management of the association. The chairs of the extension, education, membership, finance, and procedure handbook committees are indicated above.

Gregory Short, RP

Auditing Committee Chairman

Howard Redmond, RP

Nominating Committee Chairman

Frances Rizo, RP

Strategic Planning Committee Chairman

Edwin K. Miles, PRP

Bylaws Committee Chairman

Omar Jimenez

Procedure Handbook Committee Chairman


Yearbook Committee Chairman

Tonya Adkism

Convention Committee Chairman

Charles Bowles, RP

Public Relations Committee Chairman

Tamesia Garner

Youth Committee Chairman

Past Presidents

TSAP has enjoyed the leadership of outstanding Presidents since 1955 when it was formed by Flonnie Mae Larimer in Houston. This list of TSAP Presidents by year can be seen by clicking on this button.