Professionalism is a cornerstone of being a parliamentarian.  Every member of our organization needs to be looking at setting the highest standards for themselves and for their communities.  Making sure we adhere to our responsibilities to fairness and equity in parliamentary procedures in our meetings. 

Here are some things you can do to set the example for others.  Such as dressing professionally for business meetings.  This shows you are taking seriously the business that needs to be conducted.  Annual business meetings are important in many organizations.  It can sometimes be the only time where members have a say in how issues will be handled by the organization.  Another example would be in reviewing the meeting material ahead of time and engaging in conversations with other members to learn from their perspective on issues listed on the meeting agenda. 

By conducting ourselves in a professional manner demonstrates the seriousness of parliamentary procedure.  Being professional can show the excellence you strive for in the importance that parliamentary procedure has in conducting fair and equitable business in organizations.  Hence professionalism is a critical aspect of parliamentary excellence in setting higher standards of conduct as parliamentarians.