We are in the midst of the Holiday season and many of us celebrated Thanksgiving with Christmas and New Year’s just around the corner.  This year I have many more things to be thankful for. Being able to finally get an opportunity to catch up with family that I have not been able to visit. The many members of TSAP that are working hard to ensure our opportunities for our members continue and expand. More opportunities abound in continuing education and volunteering to serve as judges for youth organizations having parliamentarian competitions.  

I believe this is a perfect time of year to reflect on our achievements and accomplishments as parliamentarians. This past year we have all struggled with many different issues. We have had setbacks but there have also been successes. As an organization we are moving forward and seeing a better, brighter year for us. During the holidays, continue growing as parliamentarians by learning more about our craft in RONR. Also take the time to be thankful for our fellow parliamentarians and the many outstanding units Texas has throughout our great state. I am sure many of our units will gather during these holidays to celebrate our camaraderie as parliamentarians and share what we look forward to in the upcoming year of 2022. This year I am making extra efforts to take time to reflect on where I have been this year and what I have been able to accomplish despite challenges and setbacks. I am grateful to a great number of our members working hard to continue the good works of the Texas State Association of Parliamentarians. I am also grateful to be serving with all of you.