Fellow Parliamentarians, it is a great honor to be able to serve as your President.  I would like to thank our immediate Past President Vernon Gray, PRP, for his great strength and fortitude in keeping the organization moving forward during perhaps one of our most challenging years.  It is that strength and fortitude that we need to continue bringing with us into a NEW year of great things to come.  Hence, it will be a year of “Parliamentary Excellence”! 

We are one of the greatest associations within NAP and together we can set the standards for others to follow. Excellence is not merely doing the minimum to get by.  We consider ourselves to be in an educational organization for development and especially professional development.  Strive for that first class experience you expect when you stay at a five-star hotel.  This is the level of quality to reach for when we are developing events for members and our community.  Deliver excellent events so our members can be proud to say they are part of TSAP.  It is going to be an exciting year full of more success for our members.  I look forward to our journey together in “Parliamentary Excellence”.